Half Dome - Yosemite

Software & Skills

Computer Languages: .Net(VB), .Net(C#), .Net(ASP), WTF, Blazor Webassembly, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Python, CSS, Java, VBA, PL/SQL, Tcl/Tk, XML, Cgi/Perl, AML
Databases: Oracle, MS-Sql, MySql, SQLite, MS-Access
Execution- and Development-Tools: Visual Studio, VS Code, Eclipse, PSIpenta, Crystal Reports, Oracle-/ MS-SQL-/ MySQL-DBMS-Tools, MS-Office, MS-Access, PSPad, Notepad++, Audacity, Apache, IIS, Visio, Adobe Acrobat, Paint Shop Pro, Macromedia Flash, Tcl/TK, Easy Case
Operating systems: Primarily all Windows derivate. Also knowledge in Unix, Linux and iOS