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myspace - damianmarley


Now, the official website of Damian

myspace - dougwimbish

M - Doug Wimbish - HARTFORD, Connecticut - Dub - Drum & Bass - Electronica

myspace - eddiehazel

M - Eddie - NEW YORK, New York - Funk - R&B - Rock. Eddie Hazel - the first and only guitar player from Funkadelic

myspace - George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic


Mothership - Funk - Rock - R&B

myspace - gracejonesofficial


The Queen of PostPunk Pop of the 80's is back. New album, new sound ...



SAN FRANCISCO, California - Rock - Alternative - Roots Music

myspace - I Know I'm Not Alone by Michael Franti


Michael Franti, world-renowned musician and human rights worker, travels to Iraq, Palestine and Israel to explore the human cost of war with a group of friends, some video cameras and his guitar. A compelling soundtrack, visual and musical montages and Frantis intimate voiceovers make the film speak to the MTV, X, Y & Z generations, as well as the baby-boomers. A true armchair travel film pulling the audience into these war zones in the company of Michaels guitar, eloquence and wit you feel the humanity, artistic resilience and sometimes horrific experience of what its like to live under the bombs and military occupation...

myspace - innerhythmic


Project of Bill Laswell

myspace - joebowiesdefunkt


myspace of Joseph Bowie - frontman of the legendary DEFUNKT

myspace - keithleblanc


Ever heard of Keith LeBlanc? Perhaps your answer is, "yes"; even so, most would answer "no", that they have no idea who Keith LeBlanc is. Of course rattle off a small subset of the artists LeBlanc has done work with, and it's likely more than a few lightbulbs will go off. Try Grandmaster Flash, Annie Lennox, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, The Rolling Stones, Tina Turner, Peter Gabriel, Living Colour, and Ministry on for size ...