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From Michael Van Hulsen - Date: Saturday, 03 July 2004, 09:55:48

Comments: Good and clear website, I've got a question,how tall is Michael Franti exactly???

City: Antwerp
Country: Belgium

From Marcel - Date: Wednesday, 05 May 2004, 12:23:51

Comments: Gute Seite, weiter so

Web: http://www.flotwedel-biker.de
City: Braunschweig
Country: DE

From M. Earle Edwards - Date: Monday, 15 March 2004, 07:33:47

Comments: Absolutly, the best and please kep up the good work!

City: New Carrollton
Country: USA

From silversurfer - Date: Monday, 19 January 2004, 17:12:35

Comments: the motership is above us to beat down funk and let us beam with joy into the new golden age

Web: http://www.slide2.de
City: Duesseldorf
Country: Germany

From suzanne - Date: Tuesday, 06 January 2004, 01:23:02

Comments: Hey Joerg Great Site!
I've added to my favs!
I like Hellgate or Stargate, That's all that we have, all that we've got, YEAH!
Your site is clearly a labor of love & skill. Great that you can search in German or English. Thanks for all your good work! Shine ON! Love, suzanne

From Jeff Tyson - Date: Monday, 15 December 2003, 17:43:27

Comments: Always enjoy having a float around your site.Do you know anything about the Abu Jamal Spoken word c.d featuring contributions from Micheal Franti?I think you can probably get it through AK Press.Cheers.Jeff.

Country: UK

From Michael Rottmann - Date: Thursday, 11 December 2003, 15:29:33

Comments: Eine wirklich sehr schicke Seite ;))

Web: http://www.pixelx.de
City: Braunschweig
Country: DE

From Joerg - Date: Thursday, 11 December 2003, 01:09:14

Comments: Welcome to this fansite of Michael Franti & Spearhead. Feel free to post any comments you like. Stay Human Joerg

Web: www.spearhead-home.com
City: Berlin
Country: Germany

From jeff tyson - Date: Wednesday, 26 November 2003, 09:36:00

Comments: New interview on Joergs site

Great interview on your site,Joerg and the question about the lyric in a piece of peace because that is something that i would have asked. It's interesting to know that he no longer plays that song.


From Kris - Date: Wednesday, 26 November 2003, 02:04:00

Comments: thank you!!

Joerg & Hegs,
Big Shout Out for the pics. I really enjoyed them.

Peace, Kris